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RM Books is committed to helping you deliver the literacy targets set by the Scottish Attainment Challenge. Our ebook platform has been designed specifically for schools and is easily accessible via your GLOW launchpad, with no subscription fee or upfront costs. RM Books can help:

  • close the attainment gap by improving the reading skills of your targeted students
  • encourage students to take ownership of their learning
  • track and evaluate the success of your interventions
  • improve accessibility to books for students and parents

Set your students on the reading journey that will make them successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens with RM Books.

Attainment Challenge and FMRC

Attainment Challenge funding can help support schools who would like to take part in the First Minister's Reading Challenge – Scotland’s brand-new reading initiative to encourage all pupils in Primary 4-7 to develop a life-long love of reading. RM Books is delighted to be supporting this exciting project.

I like reading now, it’s more simple, it’s easier to use – I read a lot more at home even. I’m more comfortable reading online, I’m not sure why. I read at home on my phone, my iPad, my brother’s game console… A lot more people should give it a try.
Pupils' comment, NLT study

Improving Attainment

Ebooks can be a great way into reading for students who do not normally see themselves as book people. A recent report by the National Literacy Trust demonstrated that using ebooks can help boys to make significant progress with their reading, and get even the most reluctant reader to enjoy reading more.

RM Books makes it easy to run a targeted intervention for reluctant or struggling students. Our filters allow you to select ebooks by interest age as well as reading age, so you can quickly identify titles that will support those Hi Low students whose reading age does not match their chronological age.

…23 of 24 pupils made progress, some rapid and others steady. It has also been vital in encouraging underachieving boys to develop a love of reading. The stigma of 'reading' has been removed and the pupils are actually sharing their experiences with their friends across the school and creating somewhat of a 'reading frenzy' which is fantastic!
Teacher comment, NLT study


RM Books allows students to submit requests to their teacher or librarian, using an online Book Request feature, for the books that they would most like to read. The NLT study shows that students who choose their own books tend to stick with them and read more, highlighting the importance of student choice. 

They can also use the Book Notes facility to add comments, bookmark pages of interest, highlight sections of text and look up words in a dictionary. All key features of RM Books that allow students to take ownership of their own learning.  

There is absolutely no doubt that young people are more engaged in their learning and are in fact learning in a way which they find most comfortable and accessible.
Jim Thewlis, Headteacher, Harris Academy Dundee

Data Monitoring

We know that collecting and analysing data can be a time-consuming process. Our reporting facility enables you to get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

You can track how often a child is reading, how many pages they are reading at a time and even check comprehension by setting a simple quiz at the end of the books.

Sharing tangible evidence of progress is also a great way of encouraging your students to keep going!

Improved accessibility

Improved accessibility for students and parents

Our wide range of ebooks can be accessed both in school and at home using any device with an internet browser.

A digital school library is open even when the school is closed, making it easier for students who don't have access to books at home to find appropriate reading material.

With our offline app, students can read their chosen ebooks wherever and whenever they want, while the increased accessibility can also make it easier for parents to find the time to support their child's reading.

The impact has been staggering. What it’s done is capture the imaginations of children who, in the past, have been very reluctant readers. But also it’s done the same thing with the parents. It’s not just the child reading at home, it’s the child reading with mum and even grandma, who get so excited by it. So it’s been quite transformational in that sense.
Andrew Morrish, Executive Head Teacher, Victoria Park Primary Academy
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