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Here are a range of time-saving book packs to quickly build your school elibrary.

Also see our suggested book lists for the new English curriculum, Primary topicsCarnegie Medal shadowing and other popular children's Book Awards

New for this Term!

We have the new and exciting Laugh out Loud book pack that you can quickly add to your school library.

To celebrate Red Nose Day, we have put together a selection of titles that are not only guaranteed to raise a chuckle but will also be a great way of getting kids into reading.

Laugh out Loud selection >>



Inspired by the elements of Water, Earth, Air and Fire, A River of Stories pack includes four collections of stories and poems that celebrate the vibrant storytelling culture of the Commonwealth Nations. A must-have collection for the classroom or school library.

A River of Stories Pack >>


Other useful packs to fill your library

Recommended Reads Book Packs

Accelerated Reader™ Book Packs

First Minister's Reading Challenge Packs (Scotland)

More Able and Talented Packs

 Library Starter Packs


Great Reads

Great Reads

There are so many great titles available it can be hard to choose. We have put together two selections of 30 titles that have caught our eye – one for primary and one for secondary. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Great Reads – Primary Selection >>

Great Reads – Secondary Selection >>

Reluctant Readers

Just because a child can read it doesn't necessarily mean they want to read. Also, there can be so many exciting demands on children's time that it can be hard to convince them on how absorbing a great book can be. Take a look at our selection of titles chosen by Bev Humphrey to tempt even the most reluctant reader.

Reluctant Reader Primary Selection >>

Reluctant Reader Secondary Selection >>

Night at the Movies

Night at the Movies

Everyone loves a night at the movies but behind every successful film, there is usually an even better book! Here's a selection of titles that have inspired some cinema blockbusters past, present and future.

Night at the Movies Primary selection >>

Night at the Movies Secondary Selection >>

Must have reads 2016

Save 10%

 We have created a "Must-have titles for 2016" pack for both primary and secondary students that includes a selection of ebooks that hit the headlines last year. 

Now's your change to top up your library with titles that were loved by librarians and commended by critics. You can cherry pick from our selection or take advantage of our 10% pack discount. 

Latest fiction selections

Latest fiction selections for Primary and Secondary

Take a look at our latest selections of fiction titles for both Primary and Secondary. A great way to freshen up your library at the beginning of a new academic year!


Back to School 2016 - Primary book pack >>

Back to School 2016 - Secondary book pack >>

Secondary Accelerated Reader™ Pack


This collection of 26 books is perfect to support and give confidence to older children who have a lower reading ability. Featuring publishers whose titles are recognised everywhere for their ability to stimulate and engage reluctant readers.

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First Minister's Reading Challenge

First Minister's Reading Challenge

Encouraging more young people to read for pleasure is always a key target and we are delighted to be supporting the First Minister's Reading Challenge. This is Scotland’s brand-new reading initiative to encourage all pupils in Primary 4-7 to develop a life-long love of reading. Here are four book packs that include titles on the recommended list provided by the Scottish Books Trust:

First Minister's Reading Challenge Book Packs >>


Discover more about the First Minister's Reading Challenge here >>

Lower KS2 More Able Pack


These 10 books are aimed at lower key stage 2 students who are reading beyond their chronological reading age; they contain themes or are structured in a way that will better suit and stretch readers who are already fluent.

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Section MATUSK2

Upper KS2 More Able Pack


 These eight books are aimed at upper key stage 2 students who are reading beyond their chronological reading age; they contain themes or are structured in a way that will better suit and stretch readers who are already fluent.

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Primary Library Starter Pack


This pack contains 75 ebooks suitable for KS1 and KS2 pupils. There's something for everyone to enjoy, from fact-finding on popular topics such as dinosaurs, pirates and animals, to getting lost in award-winning fiction.

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Section SSP

Secondary Library Starter Pack

£500This selection of over 140 ebooks is suitable for KS3 and KS4 readers. The top quality titles in this pack will meet the requirements for students at differing reading abilities within these levels. 

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Penguin Random House Book Packs

Six fantastic bookpacks from Penguin Random House will help you build a popular school elibrary at the click of a button. 

Further Penguin Random House book packs will be added shortly.


New National Curriculum Geography KS1 and KS2 Pack

Save 10% - £141.17



This pack of 40 ebooks is a great way to update your resources for the New National Curriculum for Geography in KS1 and KS2. It will provide you with everything you need to learn about landforms, countries, continents and oceans of the world, as well as developing your mapping skills.

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KS2 History packs

History topic book packs for KS2

Small, affordable packs featuring a range of non-fiction and fiction titles for 3 popular history topics.


History Topic Book Pack: The Romans >>

History Topic Book Pack: The Vikings >>

History Topic Book Pack: The Ancient Egyptians >>

New National Curriculum History KS1 and KS2 Pack

Save 10% - £143.41



This pack of 40 ebooks is a great way to update your resources for the New National Curriculum for History in KS1 and KS2. It will provide you with all the information you need on the History of Britain from the Stone Age to more recent times in living memory. Titles include key events and significant people from the past, such as Neil Armstrong, William Caxton and Queen Victoria. The pack also includes the brand new title Skara Brae - explore all about this prehistoric site in the Orkney Islands.

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Engage Book Pack

Engage Literacy Book Packs

Raise attainment and help every child enjoy reading with Engage Literacy

Engage Literacy is the award-winning guided reading programme from Raintree. The programme combines precisely levelled high-interest fiction and non-fiction books with a wide range of text types, engaging artwork and stimulating photographs.

See the book pack available in RM Books >>

Septimus Heap Book Pack

The Complete Septimus Heap collection.  Seven volumes of magical fiction from bestselling author Angie Sage.

Save 30% - £28.52 



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Section Boffin Boy

Boffin Boy Book Pack

The Complete Boffin Boy collection.  Eighteen best-selling comic-style titles designed to appeal especially to hi-low readers. Named by The Times as one of the "top 100 books for boys".

Save 30% - £37.72



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Teen Fiction Pack


This pack of 63 great reads has been expertly selected for teenage readers.   Featuring books from great authors such as John Green, Berlie Doherty, Geraldine McCaughrean, Benjamin Zephaniah, Celia Rees, Melvin Burgess and many more. Order the pack and fill your elibrary with books at the click of a button.

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I really like the book packs because they make it easier selecting books. They make sure we have a good, well rounded selection for our students.
Librarian, Halcyon London International School
Section Winnie

Winnie the Witch

Save 10% - £31.50


Winnie the Witch lives in a black house. She has black chairs and black stairs, black floors and black doors... Why not join Winnie on her adventures. 

A 10 book pack perfect for your school library.

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Ali Sparkes Book Pack

£15 This fantastic collection of five Ali Sparkes ebooks can be in your school's elibrary for a whole year for just £15 (usually £17.50).

This set includes the award-winning Frozen in Time and recently published Destination Earth, along with 3 more popular Ali Sparkes titles. These books are suitable for readers aged 9+.

See more about Ali and her books >>

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Section Elmer

Elmer Book Pack

Save 10% - £53.28 



All of your Elmer favourites (and some new ones) together, in one bumper 22 book pack! Perfect for your school,library.

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Frog book pack

Save 10% - £29.05 



Frog is not content to be just a plain green frog, he wants to do the things his friends can do. He tries to fly like Duck, to bake cakes like Pig and to read like Hare. But all his attempts are doomed to failure, and Frog is disconsolate, until Hare points out that his friends love him just the way he is. And in any case, he can swim and leap better than any of them! Frog is Frog.

A 12 book pack perfect for your school library.

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