Our vision at Babington is to raise aspiration; to make sure that every child in the College has the opportunity to do their very best, and to achieve the highest possible results.
Kim Kent, Assistant Principal and SENCO, Babington Community College

Addressing individual learning needs using RM Books

Babington Community College is a coeducational 11-16 secondary school located in Leicester. The school prides itself on meeting every student's individual learning needs through differentiation. Babington is in the top 100 best performing secondary schools in the country for improving pupil progress from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 and were regional winners of the inaugural Pupil Premium Awards.

RM Books, a phenomenal product, that is going to take reading into the future.
Janine Scott, Literacy Co-ordinator, Babington Community College

Watch how Babington Community College engage a diverse range of students to read using RM Books.

The school has many literacy challenges including supporting EAL and SEN students, as well as inspiring reluctant and struggling readers. A number of their students had issues with reading and it hadn't been something that was enjoyable earlier on in their life. Therefore they looked towards RM Books to give their students a pleasurable reading experience that was necessary to raise aspirations.

You've got all of the right books for the right reading age that you are.
Student, Babington Community College

Differentiation to engage all students

Pupils can now use appropriate filters to locate the correct titles for their ability level. They have the factility to take reading out of school and make use of mobile devices for reading when they are at home. The school has benefitted greatly from the use of RM Books and they feel that it has helped them to bring reading into the 21st Century.

The key benefits to the school of using RM Books are:

  • It is making books "cool" and is bringing books into the modern age.
  • It is a reflection of the use of technology that students feel comfortable with.
  • It takes reading outside school as it is easily accessible.
  • It has given Babington Community College the opportunity to make every child a reader.
Our children need their aspirations raising. They need to make progress and they need to achieve. We really think that RM Books could give them the push that they need to do their very, very best.
Kim Kent, Assistant Principal and SENCO, Babington Community College