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The philosophy for learning in the school is that learning has to be accessible to young people, regardless of their level of ability.
Jim Thewlis, Headteacher, Harris Academy Dundee

Watch how Harris Academy Dundee engage students by working on top of electronic textbooks using RM Books Book Notes overlays.

Teachers add audio, video, links, text and discussion overlays to fully engage their students in their work. Students look up words using the dictionary, highlight key text for revision, make their own notes and reply to teachers' discussions, all within the books.

Easy single-sign-on to RM Books via Glow enables students to quickly access their books at home and at school, on computers or via their own phones and devices.

It's brilliant because you have all the information you need right at the tips of your fingers.
Student, Harris Academy Dundee

Engaging students with interactive textbooks via Glow

Harris Academy in Dundee is rising to the challenge of closing the attainment gap by using annotated textbooks within RM Books to engage and stimulate young people, especially those who are hard to reach. 

Textbooks in e-format cannot be lost, they cannot be damaged and they're very cost effective.
Elaine Hunter, Librarian, Harris Academy Dundee
via glow

Glow and Curriculum for Excellence

Accessing resources for National 4 and 5 has been extremely beneficial and cost-effective as the school is pushing ahead with Curriculum for Excellence.

Students at Harris Academy are accessing RM Books via Glow, the Scottish digital learning platform, and this is consistent with the learning culture and habit that students have got into within the school. Students only have to login once and they have access to a number of online resources and services for education. 

The students really seem to enjoy using the electronic versions of the textbooks... they can highlight a word to get a definition... we can embed media into the book, inserting links to YouTube clips... students can insert comments into books and I can see these comments, and that creates a dialogue within a book.
Susan Quirk, Geography Teacher, Harris Academy Dundee

Students' own devices

Greater flexibility has been provided for students as they can access RM Books on a variety of devices. The school has adopted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy to develop learning through ICT and students can access textbooks within the classroom, at home and on their mobile devices. 

All students have access to the books within the classroom or when they're at home, they can use them on their mobile phones, it's given them the opportunity to research for their assignment which is a big part of their exam.
Tracy Raith, Head of History, Harris Academy Dundee
book notes discussion

Book Note overlays

Teachers have added annotations to the textbooks to make the experience more interactive; through the comments facility, they have created a two-way dialogue with their students. This has broadened the opportunities for learning and students have become more independent in their approach.

It's great for independent learning, going home and revising, it's all there, it's definitely going to help me boost up my grades.
Student, Harris Academy Dundee


The efficient use of RM Books at Harris Academy has provided the resources to enable students to achieve success in school.

Attention is being paid to the development of learner’s skills in literacy in a way that is accessible to all.

There is absolutely no doubt that young people are more engaged in their learning and are in fact learning in a way which they find most comfortable and accessible.
Jim Thewlis, Headteacher, Harris Academy Dundee