The pupils that use it regularly tell us, it’s great when they read a book at home on a tablet and can then do the AR™ test straight away because they can log in anywhere, so it is fresh in their mind and they get a better score!
Adrian Mitchell, Head Teacher, Manor Court

Manor Court Primary School is a large community primary school serving the south and west of Chard.

It is a busy and friendly school with a capacity of 390 pupils. The school is committed to the well-being and safeguarding of the children in there care.



In 2014 Manor Court Primary School introduced RM Books as a tool to widen the breadth of books available to their students. The school was looking for something that would boost literacy and add to the engagement of their students. As they already use the Accelerated Reader software with their students, they were impressed by the links between RM Books and Accelerated Reader. Pupils could now search easily for books at the appropriate level and teachers could affordably supply a wide range of titles to suit individual interests and abilities through the RM Books rental options.

See the video to see how teachers and students at Manor Court Primary School have been using RM Books with Accelerated Reader™


Manor Court Primary School also introduced RM Unify so students now longer needed to sign into multiple software titles – RM Books, and Accelerated Reader included.


At BETT 2015 RM Books and Accelerated Reader are launching new functionality that enables students to seamlessly read the book and then take the quiz. The button will take students directly from the book page in RM Books to the specifc quiz of that title, enabling them to improve their reading and comprehension skills any time, anywhere