Inspiring AR™


improves reading 

at Trentham High School

Improved reading using RM Books and AR™ together

Trentham High School in Stoke-on-Trent had 75% of the students in years 7 and 8 with a reading age below their chronological age. 

The school created a motivating RM Books elibrary based on students' book requests. Students read and answered Accelerated Reader™ quizzes on their iPad Minis.  

Six months on, 10% of students have already caught up and passed their chronological age and there's a new enthusiasm for reading within KS3. 

The impact of using Accelerated Reader™ and RM Books is that the students have become hooked on reading.
Dr. Rowena Blencowe, Head Teacher, Trentham High School

Watch how Trentham High School motivate students to read by using RM Books alongside Accelerated Reader™.

Easy single-sign-on to RM Books and Accelerated Reader™ via RM Unify means that students have access to appropriate titles to engage them in reading, even when the school is closed. Students have been reading using the online reader and have also downloaded the RM Books offline app on personal devices.

Lots of students to begin with were not that keen on reading. However after starting with the ebooks, seeing their levels improve and go up, that's really pushed them and that's got them to be more enthusiastic.
Nicola Gilbert, English Teacher, Trentham High School
RM Books and AR

RM Books and Accelerated Reader™

Using Accelerated Reader™ students take the STAR assessment to establish reading ages and they  are issued with their ZPD range. They can select books within the school library section in RM Books as they can filter on AR™ book levels. RM Books and AR™ has aided their reluctant readers, boys in particular, with one boy making 6 years improvement in his reading age in a short period of time.

As students have seen their levels improve postively when taking the STAR assessments on a half-termly basis, this has led to increased enthusiasm and improved standards in their writing and general vocabulary.

We wanted to have some evidence of the impact of using ebooks and the National Literacy Trust have teamed up with RM Books to do a study into how much it has been improving students attitudes to reading.
Fabia Hully, Accelerated Reader Project Manager, Trentham High School

National Literacy Trust study into the impact of ebooks

Trentham High School have worked closely with both RM Books and Irene Picton at the NLT to help develop and implement the project on the impact of ebooks. They submitted a project plan and pre- and post-project attainment data, as well as taking part in a focus group so that student's own voices could be included in the evaluation. They are looking forward to seeing how much this project has helped their students.

Interim findings in the NLT study showed that reading using technology has the potential to close some of the more traditional literacy gaps.

It has improved my reading age a lot and this is good because I can read higher level books.
Student, Trentham High School


Students at Trentham High School have demonstrated that they are more motivated to read. The school has created a fantastic elibrary so there is a wide range of titles to choose from and students continue to read at home using any device with an internet browser. The school has seen a significant improvement in the proportion of their students who are now reading at their chronological age or better, from 25% to 35% in just 6 months.

When we started the project 6 months ago we found that 75% of our two year groups have got a reading age lower than their chronological age. After only 6 months of using the project, that's dropped to only 65%.
Fabia Hully, Accelerated Reader Project Manager, Trentham High School