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How It Works How does RM Books work?

Will RM Books link to my Learning Platform?

RM Education has released a new service called RM Unify which will enable schools to sign into multiple applications through a single web-based "launchpad". RM Unify will include single sign-on into RM Books, as well as to other rich online content including J2E and Education City and essential tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Education.

For further information about RM Unify, click here.

You can also embed a link to RM Books from your school website or Learning Platform, simply copy this code and insert it into your web page:

<a href="http://books.rm.com/" title="RM Books" alt="RM Books"> 
  <img src="http://www.rm.com/_RMVirtual/Media/Images/Embed-Bookshelf-Button.png" />