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How To Use How to use RM Books?

How do I allocate a book?

Once you have selected an ebook from the RM Bookshop you will be given the option to either buy or rent the textbook and allocate to 1) yourself, 2) a group, 3) an individual or 4) your school elibrary. You can create groups by simply copying and pasting a list of names into the quick add group function or by selecting from your list of users.

The most cost effective way to allocate an ebook is to rent the book for the required period of time, rather than purchasing the book outright. For example if John Smith in Year 10 needs a copy of Edexcel Business for GCSE: Business Communication (physical book RRP £16.99), rather than purchasing it outright you can rent a copy and allocate the ebook to John Smith's account. This text is currently available in RM Books at £4.50 for 365 days so is comparable to owning the book for 4 years.

If you are allocating to a group, this can be managed within the system in a couple of simple clicks. To comply with our publishers' licensing requirements, books must be allocated at an individual or device level. You can also purchase an interactive whiteboard licence which enables you to share the book with the class through the projector.