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A fantastically unique way to introduce new topics in a flipped learning style and recap a topic in detail. It helps my classes gain a better understanding of the Chemistry content.
Gareth Hart, Head of Digital Learning and Chemistry Teacher, Reed’s School

New integration between Firefly and RM Unify enables teachers to create better Flipped Homework tasks for their students by drawing on the full range of available cloud learning resources.

  • Firefly is used to create and manage your homework work-flow in the usual way.
  • A quality etextbook within RM Books acts as the spine for the flipped learning task; using Book Notes overlays, teachers can work on top of the etextbook to link to other resources in Britannica, The Day, ClickView, YouTube etc.
  • RM Unify manages all single-sign-on behind the scenes, making it all work seamlessly together.

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If you subscribe to Firefly, new integration between Firefly and RM Unify will enable you to create richer flipped homework tasks for students using a blend of your cloud learning resources.

RM Books brings the textbook alive! I can to draw attention to important ideas, pose questions to the pupils, overlay stimulating videos, podcasts, images, links and quizzes to the pages. I can then push out these ideas and tasks through Firefly.
Gareth Hart, Head of Digital Learning and Chemistry Teacher, Reed’s School

Think and link

RM Books ebook system acts as the spine of the flipped homework activity, based around a quality etextbook.

For example, use Book Notes overlay annotation tools to personalise the etext and embed your own links to:

  • related quality articles in Britannica, in a range of reading levels and in your students' first language
  • age-appropriate current affairs wider-reading from The Day 
  • helpful videos in YouTube
  • instructions and 'things to think' about text
  • your worksheets in OneDrive or Google Drive
  • an end-of-chapter multiple choice quiz to quickly test comprehension, which is auto-marked by RM Books and summarised back to the teacher ahead of their next lesson.
RM Unify


RM Unify identity management system sits in the background providing all the single-sign-on between all these different cloud learning resources.

Teachers and students can forget about remembering and entering separate passwords and usernames. Instead teachers can concentrate on how to get the best educational value by seamlessly blending these resources.

Students just click the url to the ebook their teacher has allocated from their Firefly task, then follow links in the ebook to jump to other helpful resources.

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Using an annotated ebook as a spine for homework set via Firefly - linking to quality related reading in Britannica and The Day etc - creates exciting opportunities to improve the quality of flipped homework.
Alan Hodgin, Head of RM Books

Create and set a flipped homework task

Here's a three step example of how easy it is to create rich and engaging flipped homework using Firefly, RM Books, OneDrive, Britannica and The Day:


1. Create a flipped activity

Create your flipped learning activity using RM Books as its spine

(a) Choose your source material

  • Check you've been give a budget to spend: If you see £0.00 in the top right of your screen, ask your colleague acting as RM Books administrator in your school to add credit and set you an agreed limit which you can then spend.
  • Use RM Books' search box (top right of your screen) and filters to find an appropriate ebook. You may also find these Book Lists of ebooks by exam board, subject, topic etc helpful. 
  • Rent yourself a copy of the ebook you'll be basing your flipped learning homework around.

(b) Add your own Book Notes overlays

Open your book page and choose the overlays tool from the toolbar, then create your overlays. 

  • Link to quality content within your other cloud learning resources, such as wider and further reading in Britannica and The Day.
  • Attach worksheets from your OneDrive.
  • Add simple comprehension-checking quizzes and tell RM Books the right answers so it can auto-mark them for you.

(c) Allocate the ebook to your students

Once you've finished creating your flipped homework activity, allocate the ebook and your Book Notes to your class. 

  • From the book, choose Allocate > Group 
  • Choose your class from the pull-down list
  • If you can't find your class, ask your RM Books administrator to setup School Groups within RM Books
  • Check "share Book Note" to make sure you allocate the annotated version of your book

2. Set the task via Firefly

  • Create a new task within Firefly
  • Find your class
  • Write your instructions for the flipped homework
  • Copy and paste in the url for the ebook that contains your flipped homework from RM Books. Your students will be able to click this active url straight from their task to open the book and begin the homework.
  • For most topic and textbooks (PDF format) you'll notice the url is different for every page of the books, so you can start students off from the correct page.
  • Say whether you're expecting additional work to be submitted by a student as part of this task.
  • Set a completion date.
  • Set the task.
  • Review the task you've set from Manage Set Tasks within Firefly.
  • Check your link to the ebook opens ok.

3. Students receive their flipped homework

  • Students click the url within their set task and are taken to the right page in their ebook that's complete with all your flipped learning Book Notes overlays and links on to other learning material. 
  • They complete the activity, answering a simple mulitple choice quiz you've set within the ebook, and/or submitting an additional piece of written work via Firefly.
  • They mark the task as complete within Firefly.
  • You can see an overview of who as completed your homework task within your Manage Set Tasks section of Firefly, in the usual way.
  • If you've added a quick comprehension quiz within RM Books, you'll see the auto-marked results from your Reports > Assessments screen.

Setup: How to get Firefly and RM Books working together

RM Unify Premium is required to manage single-sign-on and you need to make a small change within your Firefly Control Panel. Here are the 4 steps:


1. Set-up RM Unify

You'll need to order RM Unify if you don't yet have it.

RM Unify can provision users from your school network Active Directory (AD), or directly from your Management Information System (MIS), including independent school specialist MIS providers iSAMs and WCBS.

Or, it can take users from your AD and top-up with additional information from your MIS. 

  • Complete the RM Unify Premium set-up, including installing the RM Unify AD Sync Agent and/or the MIS sync agent
  • For AD: Force a network password reset so RM Unify learns and then controls your users' AD passwords

2. Federate

Federate (join) either Office 365 or Google Apps for Education to RM Unify. Our Support guides show you how:



3. Firefly setup

The single-sign-on process relies on each user's email address being the same in Firefly and RM Unify. Before the connector will work, you need to ensure that the Firefly users have the correct email addresses against them.

For Azure AD / Office 365:

All this is explained in Firefly help: Integrating with Office 365


For Google Apps:

  • All users must have their Google Apps email address set in Firefly.
  • Enable Google login and make it default in the Firefly Control Panel.

Notes on the end-user experience for Google:

  • On first login for all users will be asked twice (first by Google and then Firefly) if they want to link their Firefly account to the Google account, after which their accounts are linked.
  • Users clicking on the Firefly tile will be directed to the Google sign in page and need to enter their email address if they have not already visited Google in this browsing session.

For more information, see Firefly help: Integrating with Google Apps

4. Add tiles from the App Library

From your RM Unify App Library, add the tiles for Office 365 or Google, Firefly, RM Books and any other cloud learning resources you'd like to use. 


If you're currently using RM Books standalone and not through RM Unify, you can "brownfield" migrate your RM Books account into RM Unify.

  • Start the brownfield migration from RM Books > Manage > Moving to RM Unify
  • You'll then match all your users from your standalone RM Books account to your school's network users in RM Unify. 

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Shows you how to:

  • find appropriate ebooks;
  • work on top of an ebook to add your own audio, video, pictures, notes, links to your other resources and quizzes to create your flipped activity;
  • allocate ebooks to your students;
  • set your flipped homework task within Firefly so that it links directly to the title within RM Books that you want your students to read.

It will also be a great opportuntity to ask your questions.

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