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The First Minister’s Reading Challenge is a brand-new initiative to promote reading for pleasure in Scottish primary schools. Taking part in this exciting new project couldn’t be easier with RM Books. To start your reading journey, simply follow the five steps on our RM Books Recipe Card.

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My hope is that the First Minister’s Reading Challenge will play a big part in encouraging children to catch the bug for reading. If they do, we hope they’ll keep reading for life.
Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland


Who'll choose titles?

1.   Log in to Glow to access your RM Books account

  • If you are an administrator of RM Books you can add credit on behalf of the school so that you can rent titles for your students. You can also view students' and teachers' details.
  • Once credit has been added to the school account, you can set teachers individual credit limits so that they can allocate suitable titles to their students.
  • If you're a teacher or librarian who sees £0.00 at the top right of RM Books, please ask your GLOW Administrator to either make you an RM Book administrator or set you a credit limit within RM Books.
  • Students may need to be reminded about their login details.

 We have produced a range of user manuals to help you get started with RM Books


2.  Register on the First Minister's Reading Challenge website

  • In order to take part in the First Minister's Reading Challenge, the Head Teacher (or key contact) needs to register your school. You will need to provide information on the school, as well as the number of children who may take part. This is to make sure that you are sent the correct number of Reading Passports for the pupils in the school.
  • Once registered, the key contact will be sent an email containing a link for individual teachers to use to register.
  • While you are waiting for your Reading Passports to come through you can be getting on with selecting the titles that you would like your students to read.

3.  Select titles for your ebook library

  • RM Books has a wide selection of ebooks from the recommended book list to choose from:
  • You can Preview any of the titles before allocating the book to your school library.
  • Once you are happy with your choice: click "Allocate" and select "School library"; choose the number of copies, the rental period and loan period before the title returns; click “Allocate now” and the title(s) will be included in the school library.
  • The school library facility works very much like a physical library: if you add three copies then up to three copies can be borrowed by students at a time, with an unlimited number of students taking turns to borrow them.
  • Look out for our newsletters over the coming year with more recommendations for great reads (sign up here).

4.   Show your students

  • Provide your students with their Glow login.
  • Advice on resetting passwords in Glow can be found here>>
  • Students can borrow any ebook in your elibrary by selecting "School library", browsing, searching or filtering to find books of interest, then clicking "Borrow". The book will then appear in the student's “My books” area and they can begin to read immediately.
  • If a student doesn't like a particular title, they can very easily return the book to the school library and find something more appropriate.
  • A school elibrary is open even when the school is closed! For example, Little Aston promotes RM Books through their after-school club, which runs until six o’clock every evening.
  • Explain to your students that they can read whenever they like, including at home on games systems, their own phones or tablets, as well as in designated areas in school.
  • Provide internet-connected devices (PCs, tablets, netbooks) for all students during timetabled reading, or, trust students to use their own SmartPhones or tablets for reading at school. Offline reading apps are available for students' own phones and tablets.

5.   Support your students' Reading Journey

  • It is easy to monitor your students' reading progress using the “Reports” section of RM Books. Choose “Users” and select your students to see a breakdown of what ebooks they are reading, how much time they spend reading and much more. You can export this reading data for your records.
  • Once your pupils have finished a book, encourage them to complete their Reading Passports or to set their own personal reading challenge. You can also enter one of the Challenges on the First Minister’s Reading Challenge website.
  • Promote a Reading Culture in your school by including a daily slot for reading for pleasure during the school day.

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