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Alert your students

to their new ebook

RM Books now provides direct integration to Google Classroom via a convenient "Share to Classroom" button.

This is a convenient way for teachers to proactively alert their students to ebooks they've just allocated out.

For example, at 7pm a teacher could alert their Geography class to a new flipped learning homework assignment they've embedded within Geog.1 from page 23. The alert would then show on students' tablets and phones with a url to take them straight to their work.

Alert your students to their new ebook

Teachers in schools using Google Classroom and RM Books will now be able to alert students to allocated ebooks using a new “Share to Classroom” button in RM Books.

RM Books already makes it easy for teachers to push ebooks out to their class, reading group, homework group or any cohort of students. This new integration makes it even quicker for teachers to alert students to their new book or homework activity.

Many teachers using RM Books have asked for a way to alert students, outside of RM Books, when they allocate ebooks and flipped learning homework. We’re delighted to now make that possible via our new integration with Google Classroom.
Alan Hodgin, Head of RM Books

Perfect for flipped learning

Using Book Notes, teachers can annotate on top of ebooks to personalise them, adding their own text, video, audio, discussions, links to other resources and even quizzes right within the book, perfect for creating a flipped homework. 

Now, teachers simply:

  • allocate students their annotated ebook flipped homework assignment
  • alert students that their homework has been set using the Share to Classroom button

Students then:

  • see an alert on their device
  • click the link within the alert to be taken straight to their homework ebook within RM Books



Google Classroom

If your school isn't using the Google Classroom collaboration tools yet, RM Education can help you get this set-up and help you drive a successful change programme within your school so you get the most from it.

RM can work with you to establish your vision and strategy for teaching and learning and develop a full plan for your adoption of Google for Education

We'll help you integrate and implement Google's services with your school.  

RM trained educators can teach your teachers how to improve collaboration and homework flow using these powerful Google Classroom tools.

Our award winning support team is then on hand to help as needed.


RM Unify makes it easy to access all your school's online learning resources, including Google Apps for Education and RM Books, but also hundreds of other 3rd party apps, all from one simple launchpad webpage and without the need for separate usernames and passwords. 

It's a great way to start using RM Books and Google Classroom seamlessly together without worrying about usernames and passwords.


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