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On this page you can find information to help you use RM Books. Click the links below to find more information, or see Online support.

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Managing teacher accounts

Adding a teacher manually

From your Manage menu choose Teachers, and click Add teacher.

You add a single teacher by filling in the online form. All teacher accounts need a Username, Password and Email.

If you want to give admin rights to this teacher, tick the Make admin account box. Note that this includes the right to buy and allocate credit.

You have the option to enter a Credit limit. Once their credit is used up, this teacher will not be able to allocate more paid-for books.

Click Save to add the new user.


Adding teachers by CSV upload

To add multiple teachers you can upload the information in a CSV file.

From your Manage menu choose Teachers, and click Bulk upload (CSV file).

5 CSV Upload

Download the CSV templates by clicking Teachers template, and follow the formatting when you create your CSV file (make sure you delete the row of dummy data).

It's best to take user data from a suitable report from your school's Management Information System (MIS).

  • Usernames can't contain spaces or special characters except hyphens.
  • Passwords must be 8-35 characters, with at least one lower- and one upper-case letter and either a number or special character.

Save the file - it must be in CSV format - with a suitable name.

  • Click Browse, find your CSV file and double-click it
  • Tick the box if your file has headers in the first row.
  • Click Next.
  • Make sure all the headings match and then click Import 

7 Match Headings Teacher

  • The feedback screen tells you whether your import was successful. If any imports failed, the error details are shown in red. Check and fix the affected rows in the CSV file and then re-import your file.


Bulk updating teacher accounts

If you need to change account details for multiple teachers, make the changes in the CSV file and re-import.


Checking and editing teacher accounts

To edit or check user's account details, click Manage and select Teachers.

You can list by A-Z or search by typing in all or part of the name.

When you have found the teacher, double-click their name. You will see their details, credit allocated, available credit and recent transactions. You can add credit to a teacher's account here, or give the teacher admin rights.

Change any data as required and click Save changes.

To delete a user, tick the box next to their name in the list and click Delete teachers at the bottom-left of the page.