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How credit works in RM Books

The RM Books bookshop stocks both paid-for and free titles. To use the paid-for titles you need to buy credit.

No charge is made when teacher adds a paid-for book to their wishlist. Credit only gets used up when a teacher allocates the book to a user

Teachers can choose to buy a title or rent it for various periods. The price charged will depend on the chosen rental period, number of users, and whether it's for whole-class or individual use, or for the School library. See also the Understanding licences… help topic.

When the teacher confirms the allocation, that credit is deducted from the school account. This action cannot be reversed.


Adding credit

Only an Administrator can buy credit for their school's RM Books account. Administrators are shown their school's credit in the top right corner.

To manage your school credit, click Manage and choose Credit.

12 My School Credit

To add credit, click Add credit. Type in the amount you want to buy and click Next.

You'll be directed to the RM Education Shop, which processes RM Books credit purchases. You need to log in with your credentials, or register here for a free account if you don't have one.

13 Add Credit

Check your credit order and follow the prompts to pay by credit card or invoice. The option to order by invoice is only available once you have been validated as a contact at your establishment.

When you've finished, you can return to RM Books. If the order was successful, the school's available credit will normally be updated within two minutes.

You'll be alerted if there is a problem with the order; this could happen for example if you exceed your school's invoice limit.

If you make an order as soon as you've registered, there'll be a delay before it is processed while your new account is checked and confirmed. This might take a few days, so please bear with us.


Allocating credit

As an administrator you can delegate part of the school's available credit for each teacher to spend.

To add credit to a teacher's account, click Manage and select Teachers. Select the teacher you want, enter the amount under Credit limit, and click Save changes. The amount you can enter isnot limited by how much credit the school has actually got.

When the teacher logs on, their personal credit is shown in the top right corner. If this amount gets used up, they will be prevented from allocating any more paid-for books.

We recommend that the total credit you allocate to teachers doesn't exceed the amount of credit the school has bought. Otherwise the school's credit may run out, and teachers will then be prevented from allocating books even if they haven't exceeded their own limit.


Understanding transaction history

To view all credit transactions for the school, click Manage and choose Credit.

You can also check recent transactions of individual teachers. Click Manage, choose Teachers, and select the teacher you want. Their latest transactions are listed.

14 Teacher Credit