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Using the School library

Welcome to a new kind of library

The RM Books School library is a new kind of resource. Thousands of books, and always open - but no shelves, no paper, no scanning, no heavy satchels, no journeys, no lost or worn or torn or defaced books... just pure information!

Library users can borrow a book from the website with a single click. This allows them to read that ebook online during the rental period. When the ebook is due back, their access to it is automatically stopped, and immediately it becomes available for someone else to borrow. They can also 'return' it early, with a single click.

Instead of looking after physical books, your RM Books School library only needs to look after the authors' and publishers' intellectual property, using licences. If up to six people will need to read the same ebook at the same time, you buy six licences for it - like buying six copies of a physical book.

Any teacher with the necessary credit can add books to the School library.

The electronic library is very suited to renting, which can help the school use its budget efficiently. It also makes it easy for any teacher to check how many copies are available, and who's got the others.


Adding a book to the library

Not all books can be added to the School library - look for the Library symbol below the title.

Find an ebook title you want to add from your wishlist, or directly from the bookshop. Click the title to see details.

Click Allocate.

Choose School library and the number of copies and rental period you want.

Click Allocate now. Check the details and confirm your purchase. 18 Library


Free books

When your RM Books school account was first set up, the admin user was given the chance to add over 1000 free classic titles to get your RM Books School library started.

If you're an ordinary teacher user, and the free classic titles aren't all in your library already, you can allocate any of them to the School library for free. Because they are out of copyright, your School library will get an unlimited number of 'copies' of each title.

A user with admin rights can easily add or remove all the free classic titles. If you are an admin user and want to do this, click ManageSchool details, tick or untick the 'School library' box, and clickSave.


Keeping track of loans

Does the School library have the right number of copies of that ebook? Are there enough copies available right now?

Teachers and admin users can check this in the School library at any time, by clicking on the book's title. Then, on the Details page for the book, click the Loans tab.

All the current loans are listed, with details of who's borrowed it and when it's due back. You can even cancel a loan, if that's appropriate.

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