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On this page you can find information to help you use RM Books. Click the links below to find more information, or see Online support.

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Finding and allocating books

Searching for books

If you know the title or author of the book you want, use the search box at the top of the page.

If you want to search in a different part of RM Books, choose from the search menu.

20 Search


Browsing for books

You can filter books by Subject, Publisher, Stage or Usage in the left-hand panel.

You can combine these filters with a search.

Your active filters are shown under My filters. To cancel a filter choice, untick it.

21 Filters


Viewing book details

To see more information about a book, click the green dropdown arrow and choose View details - or just click the book's title.

On the View details page you can see:

  • the buying and rental options
  • the book description

If you're a teacher or admin user, you can also see information on your school's existing Allocationsand Loans for this title, if any.


Using your wishlist

Before choosing which book to allocate, you may want to pick a shortlist first. The wishlist makes it easy to create shortlists, and to keep track of books you might need later on.

Just click the green dropdown arrow and choose Add to wishlist.

22 Allocate1

You can find the link to your wishlist under My links.

When you've previewed and compared your shortlisted books, you can allocate the ones you want. Titles will disappear from the wishlist when you choose Remove from wishlist.


Allocating a book

If you want to allocate a book, click Allocate.

23 Allocate2


Choose who will get the book, and the rental or purchase options you want. You'll see a warning message if you don't have enough credit.

24 Allocate3

Click Allocate now. Check the details and confirm your purchase


Keeping track of allocations

Do you need more copies of that ebook, or has the school already allocated enough?

Teachers and admin users can check allocations at any time, by clicking on the book's title. Then, on the details page for the book, click the Allocations tab.

All the current allocations are listed, with details of who's been allocated the book and when rentals expire. (School library books are listed separately, on the Loans tab.)