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On this page you can find information to help you use RM Books. Click the links below to find more information, or see Online support.

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Getting started

RM Books is a cloud ebook service, available as a standalone service or via the RM Unify or Glow single sign-on services. Each user has their own username and password. 


Your school will have provided you a login and a password. 

From the RM Books sign-in page, enter these details and click OK, or click the RM Books tile directly from your RM Unify or Glow launchpad. 

My Books and School Library

The My Books tab shows you books your teacher has selected for you and books that you've borrowed from the school library. 

To borrow books from the library, click the School Library tab to browse the library books and click Borrow to take a book out. You'll see the book you've borrowed now appears in the My Books tab. Your school will have decided how many library books you can have out at a time.

Books in My Books are labelled with the date the allocation expires or the date the book returns to the library.

How to read books

From My Books, click View to open the book. The book will open at the last page you read. 

If your teacher has added text, audio, video, links or quizzes to a book and shared his or her Book Notes with you, when you open the book you'll have the option to see these. Look out for icons throughout the book to launch your teacher's annotations. 

Making your own notes

When you're reading, you can:

  • look up words you don't understand by highlighting the word and then looking it up in the dictionary;
  • search for words or phrases within the book;
  • mark important pages using coloured bookmarks so you can find them quickly later;
  • highlight sections of the text, much like you would with a highlighter pen;
  • add your own notes using the Comments tool in the left hand toolbar.

For Comments and Bookmarks, you'll see a pull-out drawer on the left hand toolbar showing you a list of these annotations. Clicking each will open the corresponding page in the book.