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When to use the offline apps

RM Books has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that enable users (students, teachers and admins) to download then later read their ebooks offline when they're away from an internet connection. Books that appear in My Books - those books the user has been allocated or has borrowed from the school elibrary - will be available to download into the offline app.

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When are the offline apps useful?

Offline apps may be useful in some scenarios as a back-up solution to the online reader, when an internet connection is not available.

They are useful for students to be able to read when they're away from an internet connection using mobile devices they own, such as their own tablets or smartphones.

Or, where the school is providing 1:1 access to devices in school and a student is allocated one tablet device for a long time period, say, a year.

Or, where the school is providing a solution for the minority of students who don't have an internet connection at home by loaning out a single device for a long time period.

When should you not use the offline apps?

Offline apps are unsuitable for scenarios where different devices will be used to access a user's RM Books account. For example, they'll be unsuitable to read books on the many different shared devices and computers students typically have access to during a school day. As a user can only register up to three devices for use with their account (and must logout to unregister a device when they have finished with it), students will soon find they can't login to the fourth (and so on) device and the offline apps will appear to no longer work. 

Offline apps are also likely to be unsuitable where lots of students will try to download a book at the same time, such as at the start of a lesson. Unlike the online reader that downloads the content a little at a time, the offline apps download the books in full. Longer books with lots of pictures can be very large in size. Many students downloading large books at the same time may be constrained by your school's internet connection bandwidth and so the books may then take a long time to download.

As the offline apps download the book and associated Book Notes in full, longer books with lots of pictures and diagrams and with rich Book Notes overlays will be larger in size and will place more strain on the offline device being used to read the book. Depending on how capable the reading iOS or Android device is, this may result in noticeable lags when opening books and turning pages. In contrast, the online reader fetches the book content little by little and changes the fidelity of the pages to cope with connection speed and device resolution, so in most cases the online reader will feel quicker and more responsive for larger books.

To avoid 3G/4G data charges, books and their Book Notes should only be downloaded when connected by WIFI.

For reading at school, users should use the online reader by clicking View from My Books