On this page you can find frequently asked questions to help you use RM Books. Use the menu below to find out about RM Books.

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How To Use How to use RM Books?

How do I read a book?

It's really easy to read RM Books. Simply sign in to your account on RM Books, you can access it here. Once you have signed in, click on the 'My books' tab, this will bring up all the books that have been allocated to you. Select the book you would like to read and click on 'View'; this will open up the book ready for you to start reading. You can then use the left and right arrows to navigate through the pages.

Alternatively you can download the book by clicking 'Download', this will save the book to your device, and will be available for you to read at any time.

To access the school library, click on the 'School Library' tab, this will bring up all the books that are available for you to borrow from the library. Under each book it will state whether the book is available to borrow or not. Once you have selected a book that is available, click on 'Borrow', this will automatically add the book to the 'My books' tab. When the loan expires, the book will be automatically returned to the library.