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What do the different purchasing items mean?

The top licence is an individual licence. Once allocated to an individual it must stay with that person for the duration of the rental period. Examples of where schools have used this type of licence are for topic work and small reading groups where you do not require the book for a long period of time.

The second type is a whiteboard licence. This enables you to project the ebook on an interactive whiteboard in front of the class. An example of where schools have used this is for lesson "starters" to introduce a topic to a class.

The last licence type is a school library licence. When purchased the ebook becomes available in your RM Books Library for a year. In a similar way to you buying a book for your physical library only one student at a time can take the book out (it is a concurrent licence) however it does have many benefits over a physical book. Not only is it impossible to lose or damage the ebook but after the 2 week rental period the book automatically returns to the library (variable loan periods are being developed). You also have the power to instantly cancel the loan of an ebook should it be required elsewhere. The last page viewed by an individual is kept by the system so that when they return at a later date, the book will open at the same page. This model is being used by other schools to encourage independent reading and provide access to books while the school is closed.

FAQ - Purchase licences