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How It Works How does RM Books work?

How does RM Books work with students with special education needs?

RM Books can be read through multiple methods - using the online viewer or via the iOS and Android offline apps as DRM protected EPUB or PDF files.

The online reader provides screen tinting options to reduce visual stress, helping up to 25% of readers read more easily. We've worked with Crossbow Education on this feature and the palette of background tints now available in RM Books match the Crossbow range of tinted overlays, developed in accordance with peer-reviewed findings from Visual Science research. The colour and opacity of the tint can be adjusted for what's most comfortable for the reader and this preference will be remembered on that user's subsequent online reading sessions. Read more about screen tinting here.

Also via the online reader, for EPUB format books - the increasingly popular reflowable text format - each page's text is available to popular assistive technologies' screen readers.