On this page you can find frequently asked questions to help you use RM Books. Use the menu below to find out about RM Books.

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I am having some issues using RM Books - what do I need to do?

We're sorry you're having issues using RM Books. If you are new to RM Books, we recommend you refer to the useful getting started information available here.

The latest status of the RM Books service, including any issues, can be seen here >>

How to get help:

Please do tell us about any issues you encounter so we can get them fixed:

  • You can report any issues you discover using RM Books via this online form.
  • Live-chat is available for teacher and admin users during office hours.
  • From w/c 13th April 2015, admin and teacher users can just phone the number at the top right of their screen.
  • Any problems with how certain books render can be reported by clicking the “!” icon at the bottom left of the books viewer.