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I can't seem to enlarge the text on the graphic novel I am reading using an iPad/iPhone.

Some graphic novels are fixed layout epub with text embedded within the text bubbles, so unlike a novel, you can’t use the +/- buttons to change the font size. When using an iPad or iPhone, the RM Books online reader does not allow pinch zoom at present.

To make the text as large and as clear as possible using an iPad, when you’ve opened the book:

  • Maximise the screen to make the left hand toolbar disappear by click the ‘full screen’ icon in the bottom right of your screen.
  • Switch to single page view (rather than double page spread), using the icon to the left of the cog at the bottom right of the screen. Then rotate your iPad to portrait orientation so the page fills your iPad screen.

Or change device:

  • Wherever possible, use a slightly more recent iPad that has a retina high resolution screen. The RM Books reader detects the resolution of your screen and sends you higher resolution versions of the book page to suit. Even at a full page per screen, the higher resolution screens show crisp and clear text that’s easy to read. 
  • For students who need large text, please read the books using a PC or Mac. Their version of the onscreen reader does allow pinch zoom, so you can zoom up to a very large size and then pan the page around to follow the story.