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RM Books

Students can...

  • read books they have been allocated or borrowed from their ‘My Books’ list 
  • borrow books from the School library
  • request books they'd like to read but which aren't in their school's elibrary
  • highlight, bookmark and make their own notes on top of their books
  • interact with Book Notes annotations (text, video, audio, links, pictures, attachments) their teachers have added to their books
  • answer quizzes that their teachers have posed within their books
  • engage in discussions that their teachers have initiated wtihin books


1 Open your internet browser and go to:

2 Click “Sign in” in the top, right hand corner.

3 In the username field you should enter your Username@shortschoolname.

4 Enter your password and click “Enter”.




How -it -works _1

5 To access books allocated to you click “My books”. a-cricle

6 To access the school library click “School library”.  b-circle

Teachers can...

  • read books from their My Books list
  • browse the bookshop and add books to their wishlist
  • borrow books from the school library
  • create their own groups
  • allocate books to a group, an individual user, or the school library
  • consume credit when they allocate books, up to their credit limit
  • monitor book usage, with the new reporting feature
  • see a dashboard of automarked quiz answers from their students, with the new Assessments feature 
  • add their own annotations on top of books - text, video, audio, helpful links, attach worksheets, start discussions - to aid students' comprehension when they read the books and to make the reading experience more interactive and engaging, using the new Book Notes feature
  • set quizzes within books to check students' understanding of the subject or topic, using the new Book Notes feature

See our step-by-step user manuals and quick start guides for further support.

Administrators can...

  • do all of the teacher tasks plus;
  • add teacher and student users
  • buy RM Books credit for the school
  • devolve the spending of that credit to teachers in a controlled manner by allocating teachers a credit limit
  • give Admin rights to teachers
  • create school-wide groups accessible by all teachers and admins

All teachers and students will need their own user account to use RM Books. Only an Administrator can add these accounts. An Administrator can add groups for other users and a teacher can only set up their own groups. 

See our user manual for administrators for further details.

Getting started

Accessing RM Books is really simple, all users have to do is enter their username and password.



Find out more

To help you promote and encourage RM Books usage around the school, we have put together some useful documents and posters to help you spread the word, including an ideas pack of how to use RM Books, posters for the classroom, library and staffroom plus much more.

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