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Impact of ebooks in schools

Using ebooks increases boys’ reading progress and makes them keener, more confident readers.
The National Literacy Trust, December 2015

Clear, positive impact

Using ebooks to read can help boys to make significant progress with their reading and get the most reluctant readers to enjoy reading more, according to a new study published by the National Literacy Trust on the 9th December 2015.

The study clearly shows that the impact ebooks can have on reading enjoyment, particularly for boys, goes well beyond the novelty of a new reading format
Irene Picton, National Literacy Trust Research Manager

Reading progress & attitudes to reading

The research, called The Impact of ebooks on the Reading Motivation and Reading Skills of Young People: a study of schools using RM Books, found that during the project which lasted for an average of 4.2 months, boys’ reading levels increased by an average of 8.4 months, compared to 7.2 months progress made by girls.

At the same time, the percentage of boys that felt reading was difficult almost halved from 28.0% to 15.9%, suggesting that confidence in their own reading ability also increased as a result of this project.

Twice as many boys also thought reading was cool at the end of the project, increasing from 34.4% before to 66.5% afterwards. 

Our research found that technology can also transform children’s attitudes towards reading
Irene Picton, National Literacy Trust Research Manager

A significant study

The study is one of the first and largest to explore the impact of ebooks on reading attitudes, behaviour and attainment in UK schools. Forty schools took part by using RM ebooks for their own literacy projects.


How are other schools using RM Books?

We've been working with a number of schools across the UK to see how they use RM Books to raise attainment and help their students develop a love of reading.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started with RM Books in your school: 

  1. Add value to texts with Book Notes
  2. Transition & differentiating topic texts
  3. Targeted FSM white boys reading for pleasure
  4. Whole school reading for pleasure
  5. Gifted and talented support 
  6. Independent and topic based learning
Inspiration 1

Add value to texts with Book notes

The new RM Books reading experience enables teachers to work on top of ebooks to add their own annotations, videos, audio, images, hyperlinks and quizzes, to bring the text to life and aid comprehension, right within the book. The quizzes are auto-marked and summarised back to the teacher ready for their next interaction with the students.

“The new interactive elements have really engaged the learners with the reading material and allowed them to consolidate the learning taking place”. 
Teacher – Shireland Collegiate Academy

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Inspiration 2

Transition & differentiating topic texts

Teachers have used RM Books' groups to easily allocate topic texts appropriate to the student's reading level.

Secondary schools have engaged Year 6 students early by allocating each prospective student appropriate level books to read over the summer, avoiding the summer learning dip.

“I feel really proud because it feels like I've moved up on my grades and it was all to do with RM Books.”
Student – Shireland Collegiate Academy.

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Inspiration 3

Targeted FSM white boys reading for pleasure

Manchester Academy focussed on white, British, free school meal students and fantastic results were achieved in a 5 month period. On average, students made 9 months' progress in 5 months, 2 of the 24 students made 2 years of progress - both catching and passing their chronological age.

“Over 5 months the results have been astounding!”
Assistant Head – Manchester Academy. 

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Inspiration 4

Whole school reading for pleasure

An essential part of every child's educational entitlement should be the encouragement of reading for pleasure. RM Books can support children to enjoy reading anywhere, anytime – and become discriminating critics, recommending books to other students.

“We wanted to encourage the children to read more widely outside of school. That's where RM Books came into play.”
Head Teacher – Little Aston Primary School.

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Inspiration 5

Gifted and talented support

RM Books can support your more able, gifted and talented students by providing relevant engaging resources in the appropriate quantities. It gives learners opportunities for enrichment and extension as titles can be filtered on reading age, with an appropriate interest age.

“I want to stretch my more able students using ICT.”
Teacher – St. Paul’s CE Primary School. Click for the

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Inspiration 6

Independent and topic based learning

RM Books can promote independent learning by enabling students to become self-directed in their learning experiences by selecting titles, making a book request and choosing books from the school library. 

“They have been able to totally immerse themselves within their projects because they have had that freedom from RM Books.”
Assistant Head – Victoria Park Primary Academy.

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There's more...

Other popular uses include:

  • Intervention use with targeted cohorts of reluctant readers, EAL and SEN students
  • Pre-learning of factual content outside of lesson time to support flipped learning
  • Supplementing school paper library collections
  • Working alongside Accelerated Reader to provide a breadth of books on short rental when needed
  • Ebook clubs and holiday reading challenges
  • Family literacy projects
  • Guided reading and peer reading work

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Your own idea!

RM Books is a flexible tool to support your ideas to improve literacy.