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New annotation tools to
enhance books

See first-hand how teachers at Shireland Collegiate Academy add educational value to books using Book Notes overlays.

Teachers add audio, video, links, text and discussion overlays to fully engage their students in their flipped learning. They add fun quizzes to test students' comprehension.

Checking the auto-marked quiz results ahead of the next lesson, Shireland's teachers then personalise their next interactions with their students.

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A new way to read books

We are excited to announce the new RM Books reading experience is here. With the fantastic teacher-tools you can enhance and personalise ebooks by working on top of them.Teachers can aid their students' comprehension by adding annotations, helpful videos, audio and images and by linking to other engaging and relevant web resources to bring the text to life, right within the ebooks. 


Teachers can also add quizzes to test students’ understanding, which are then auto-marked and presented back to the teacher ready for their next tailored interaction.

Simply log into your RM Books account and try the new tools - why not have a go with one of the free books and see how you can turn an ebook into a workbook.

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It gives you challenges to do which makes you think more about the book
Student, Shireland Collegiate Academy
Section 2

Get started

1) Allocate yourself a book

2) Add book notes:

  • Text,
  • Web links
  • YouTube videos
  • Images
  • Your own video
  • Audio
  • Attachments
  • Quizzes
  • Comments

3) Allocate the book and the book notes to an individual or group of students.

Examples to help

We've annotated a couple of popular books to get you started.

When you're signed in to RM Books, from the Book Notes menu just choose Example Book Notes and click "Copy" to download these sets of Books Notes to your account.

They give you a flavour of what's possible and you're welcome to adapt them for your own use.


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Learn how to use Book Notes with our step-by-step guide >>

Along with the fantastic new teacher tools, we've also added hundreds of exciting new books. Browse the shop to discover the wide range of ebooks available - Fiction, topic and textbooks.