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RM Books Apps are available for iOS and Android devices for students to be able to read their books when away from an internet connection.

NEW: Chromebook users can now use the RM Books Android offline reading app to download their ebooks and continue reading when offline - ideal for the school commute. 

However, please use the online reader when in school or when using shared devices - here's why >>

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Find the offline apps

The new RM Books Apps are now available from the Apple iTunes and Android Play stores.

Download the RM Books App for iOS >>

Download the RM Books App for Android >>



The offline App allows you to download ebooks you have in My Books - books you have borrowed from the school library or have had allocated to you - for subsequent reading when you're offline.

You can browse and borrow books from your school elibrary from the App. You can also browse the full bookshop and make book requests directly from the App**.

If these books have Book Notes, these will be downloaded too. 

You can read offline on up to three devices you own or have allocated just to you.

You can:

  • create comments to make your own notes within books as you read
  • reply to your teacher's comments and questions
  • view Book Note overlays - text, images, audio, video, links and attachments - that your teacher has added to your books
  • complete quizzes your teacher has set you within the book
  • look up words within the dictionary, when your device has an internet connection
  • search for words or phrases within a book
  • highlight sections of text
  • create colour coded bookmarks
  • set and adjust your screen tint colour and opacity to make it easier to read
  • zoom in or adjust the size of the text
  • report a problem with the book, when your device has an internet connection
  • jump about the book by percentage through, page number or by using the slider
  • read single or double page spread, screen resolution permitting
How the Offline Apps work

Sign in

You login using your username and password the first time you open the RM Books App.

Your username will always comprise a username followed by your "school short name" or "scope", for example myname@myschool or myname@glow.

  • For standalone accounts, click the "Enter" button. 
  • If your RM Books account is through RM Unify, click the "RM Unify" button. 
  • If you are from a Scottish school and your RM Books account is through Glow, remember your scope is @glow, so please add @glow to the end of your username, then click the "RM Unify" button. 
How the Offline Apps work 2

Download your books

Once you've logged in, you'll see your books.

Click to start the books downloading to be able to read them later when you're offline.

  • Remember that some books, especially those with embedded video and audio or with lots of pictures, can be very large in size and may take a while to download over your internet connection.
  • It is recommended you download books when connected to WIFI so you don't consume your smartphone's data plan or incur additional data charges. 

If your teacher has created Book Note overlay annotations and quizzes for you, these will download too.

Once downloaded, it will take a few seconds for your book to then be prepared for reading. When your book is ready to read, the icon changes to "read".

How the Offline Apps work 3


Click the book to open it.

You'll see the same familiar reader you're used to on the online book viewer, with the same left hand toolbar to get to your notes, bookmarks, overlays and comments.

At the bottom right of the screen you'll see the usual toggle for single page or double page spread and a cog you can use to adjust the screen tint. 

At the bottom left are adjustment for text size for reflowable books or page zoom (or pinch to zoom) for PDF books.

Bottom centre provides you a way to quickly jump about the book. Alternatively you can use the search icon to navigate the book by finding key words or phrases or use the table of contents icon.


Whether via the online reader or via the offline Apps, teachers cannot author Book Notes overlays using a touch device. Please use the online reader on a non-touch computer to author your Book Note overlays and quizzes.

To avoid 3G/4G data charges, books and their Book Notes should only be downloaded when connected by WIFI.

When using the iOS app, you may encounter an error message if your device is not set to 24 hour clock time

Limitations specific to the current version 3.1 of the App

  • The online reader and offline App don't yet sync your last read page
  • ePub3 format books with embedded audio and video will open but their media doesn't yet play in the offline App
  • Your user's chosen screen tint colour and opacity that has been set in the online reader will be inherited by the offline App, but not vice versa. 

Version 3.1 - current version

Version 3.1 adds some useful new features as well as fixing some bugs and improving stability.

Please upgrade to this version. From w/c 10th August 2015 you will need to be using this version to be able to download and read books offline.

New features:

  • You can browse, borrow and return books in your school's elibrary from within the App*
  • You can browse the full bookshop and make book requests from within the App* **
  • Your reading record - pages read, time spent reading, percentage read and last page read - is cached within the offline App and sent back to the RM Books service when your device next connects to the internet, meaning the school's Usage report will also include reading via the App
  • Book downloading will multithread in the background, meaning you can set multiple books off downloading and read another while they download*
  • Where more than one set of Book Notes are available for a student's book, the student chooses which set to see (just like the online reader)

Key bugs fixed:

  • Sound now works in Book Note overlay audio and video
  • Attachments Book Note overlay type now open if the attached file is in a PDF format

* when your device has an internet connection

** Android version only


Android considerations

This advice may be helpful if you decide to use Android devices with the RM Books offline app on your school network:

Transparent proxy

The easiest way to get your Android devices to connect to the internet safely is to filter content using a transparent proxy. No device level configuration is necessary in this scenario. 

Non-authenticated proxy

Enter your proxy server's location into the RM Books offline app settings menu and in your system internet connection. Add "localhost" to the proxy exceptions addresses to ensure the offline app functions correctly. 

Authenticated proxy

The RM Books app for Android won't work with an authenticated proxy. Your Android device's browser may also struggle to reach the internet through an authenticated proxy. We suggest you either invest in a transparent proxy or set your filtering to allow unauthenticated proxy access for the IP range that you allocate to your Android tablet devices. 

Technical issues

If you are using an iOS device and you see the following error message:

"Login Failed! There has been a problem communicating with RM Books!"

please refer to this RM Education knowledge base article>>


Make sure all iOS devices are set to 24 hour clock time.


To search for other articles relating to RM Books, you can use our Knowledge Library for support and guidelines.