Oxford University Press English Language Teaching and Learning Resources

Oxford University Press is a market leader in English language teaching and learning resources for young learners, teenagers, and adults. These fantastic resources are used to introduce students to the English language.

Through collaborating with teachers, technology partners, and academic researchers, Oxford University Press create the best possible environment for learning and teaching. By working with technology partners such as RM Books, Oxford University Press are shaping the way learning happens in the digital classroom with a range of resources that include innovative interactive ebooks. 

.. a truly eye-opening experience on how to introduce graded readers into the classroom with the Read On! project. I would never have believed my classes would be bickering over books!
Medina Caulati, Highlands School, Rome

Oxford Bookworms

Oxford Bookworms have a worldwide reputation for providing learners with a great reading experience, with a wide range of classic and modern fiction, non-fiction, and plays. Bookworms include original and adapted texts in seven carefully graded language stages, which take learners from beginner to advanced level. 

Oxford Bookworm ebooks are available to rent for the time period you need them. Many contain read aloud embedded audio to help students with comprehension and pronunciation.

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English Language Teacher ebooks

The Oxford Key Concepts for the Language Classroom series focuses on key topics for teaching English as a second or foreign language. These research-led instructional guides link the theories of second language acquisition and pedagogy with classroom practice, helping you to reflect on what needs to happen in the language classroom.

The Oxford Into The Classroom series personalises your English lessons for young learners with new ideas for motivating children to speak English, encouraging learner autonomy and self-assessment, and getting the most out of your coursebook.

The Oxford Resource Books for Teachers series gives teachers practical advice and guidance, together with resource ideas and materials for the classroom.

The Oxford Basics are a series of short, accessible books containing lesson plans for teaching elementary to intermediate level students.

The Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers offer authoritative and up-to-date surveys of original research in a particular subject area. Specially commissioned essays from leading figures in the discipline give critical examinations of the progress and direction of debates, as well as a foundation for future research.

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Age-appropriate content

Older students may, understandably, be demotivated if asked to read books designed for Early Years.

To find engaging age-appropriate books at the right level, students and teachers can combine RM Books' left hand Reading Age and Interest Age filters. Reading Age filters books down to those at a level equivalent to a native English speaker of that age. Interest Age filters books down to those appropriate to the age of the student. 

Students can then request age-appropriate books at the right level for them by clicking RM Books' Request book.

The ebooks are available to rent for the time period you need them. Many include read aloud embedded audio within the pages to help students' comprehension and pronunciation. 

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Oxford Teachers' Club

Oxford Teachers’ Club holds fantastic resources to help teachers teach English as a second language; simply sign up and get free access to worksheets, lesson plans and activities.

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Oxford Bookworms

Using the Oxford Bookworms Level Tests teachers can help students find the best level to start their reading from. There are Level Tests for each of the seven Bookworms stages.

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Oxford Express Series

The Express Series is ideal for students in employment, who want to communicate better in English. Titles in the 'Industries' category of the Express Series focus on careers in specific industries such as pharmaceuticals, telecoms, aviation, and logistics.

These short, intensive courses can be completed in 25-30 hours, so students make progress quickly. The titles include engaging topics, motivating role plays, and a variety of exercises that provide a framework for each specialist subject.

Express Series is now available as an e-book, with interactive features designed specifically for language learners. The Express Series includes:

  • Work Skills
  • Industries
  • Professions
  • Sports and Leisure

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The Oxford Teachers’ Academy training helped me think about learning and students in a different way – to create a warmer atmosphere, relax students, and make them enjoy the classes.
English teacher, Brazil

Videos to help you

Oxford University Press provide resources to help you choose the right books for your students:

Here you can watch educationalist and ex-teacher Verissimo Toste talk you through the Oxford Big Read series and how he approaches guided reading in the classroom. 

Verissimo talks through the importance of student selection and the process needed to create a reading for pleasure scheme. Using the book request feature on RM Books, students can pick a book and have it available to read straightaway, removing any delivery delays and capturing their enthusiasm from the start of the scheme.

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English Language Teaching Global Blog

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This blog is intended for teachers, trainers, lecturers, authors and anyone else with an interest in keeping up with what’s happening in the world of ELT.

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Using ELT books in UK classrooms

There are now more than a million UK children between 5–18 years old who, together, speak over 360 first languages. 

  • 15% of primary school children and 11% of secondary school students have a mother tongue other than English. 
  • In inner London, around 54% of students are recorded as learning English as an additional language. 
  • EAL students are less likely to achieve 5 GCSE's A*-C including English and Maths.

 *Source - Department of Education (Jan 2013)

By applying the same principles of English language teaching – personal choice, reading at the right level and reading books that don’t patronise the student  you will see rapid improvement in your students' English language skills.

These quality resources are available from as little as 50p, so it's easy and inexpensive for you to trial them in your school.

These untapped resources are here to help you improve your students' English language skills.

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