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Raising attainment is a priority for schools

RM Books is an educational tool to help support raising attainment, particularly in literacy.

By using a modern approach to reading, students can find ebooks more engaging and easier to access than their physical counterpart. As well as building an elibrary, ebooks can be rented for flexible time periods and allocated to students based on ability level – perfect for classroom use or targeted intervention groups, or in response to individual students' book requests. 

For example, see how Manchester Academy used RM Books to target FSM KS3 white British students, resulting in over 9 months of reading progress in just 5 months of use


Studies Show

Fewer children than ever are reading for pleasure (28% compared with 38% seven years ago): 

76% of UK schools are concerned about boys' underachievement in reading.

15% of primary school children and 11% of secondary school students have a mother tongue other than English.

1 in 3 children fall behind over the summer break with low-income students suffering a significant loss of academic skills. 

Source - National Literacy Trust.

Anywhere, anytime access

RM books enables students to access ebooks from anywhere, at any time and from any device with an internet connection - from tablet to smartphone to desktop computer and even games consoles.

With the unique reporting features, teachers can track student's usage, including duration of reading and the number of pages read, to ensure students are progressing with the books allocated to them. 

Reports can be created at an individual or group level, making it easy to report on the cost of targeted interventions, for example using Pupil Premium funding.


Since introducing RM Books in March, Shireland Collegiate Academy have found:

95% of students said that RM Books was a useful learning tool.

81% of students read more often and for longer with RM Books.

100% of the teachers who used RM Books said it had improved their lessons.

You're only limited by your imagination in terms of what you can do with RM Books.
Kirsty Tonks

RM Books can support teachers with:

Early adopters are finding RM Books is helping to address the following educational issues:

Reluctant readers

Inspire boys to read with ebooks designed just for them and delivered in an engaging way. 

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Assign appropriate levelled reading without the peer stigma of coloured book stickers. 

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English as an additional language

Use appropriate level content to accelerate literacy and build confidence with EAL students.

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Flipped learning

Allow students to use ebooks to learn the content at home, then discuss and debate in class.

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Curriculum Change

Embrace the new curriculum standards with RM Books

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Avoid the holiday learning slide

Provide access to challenging and engaging books during the holidays, anywhere, on any device.

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Group reading

Replace your ‘big books’ with a wide range of titles for the whiteboard.

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Primary school library

New and additional content to supplement your school library, from Early Years through to Year 6.

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Secondary school library

New and additional content to supplement your school library, including the complete works of Shakespeare, Dickens and Austen.

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