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What’s the issue?

With six weeks out, how do students stay switched on during the holidays?

  • Research shows that one in three children fall behind during the break. 
  • Many children don't have easy access to books. 
  • Some children don't pick up a single book during the holidays. 
  • Many primary school-aged children don't visit their local library during the summer holiday period. 
  • Low-income students suffer significantly from loss of academic skills over the summer holiday period.

*Sources - The Independent 2012, The Reading Agency, National Summer Learning Association 2009

How can RM Books help?

Providing access for students to read anywhere, on any device

  • By providing engaging books for differing reading abilities, across topics or themes, that can be read ready for the new term.
  • Teachers can use RM Books' groups to easily allocate different levels of ebooks by student literacy level and ability. 
  • 7 and 30-day rentals make it affordable for schools to offer a wide range of ebooks across subjects, topics or themes for boosting lost knowledge.
  • Online access to the school library, including hundreds of free classics for students to read independently.

Fiction ebooks to keep your students reading.

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