Embracing Curriculum Change

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What’s the issue?

The new Primary curriculum States:

  • Pupils should be taught to read fluently and to understand extended prose.
  • Students should be encouraged to read for pleasure.
  • Schools should do everything to promote wider reading.
  • They should provide library facilities and set ambitious expectations for reading at home.

*Sources - the national curriculum in England, Framework document July2013

How can RM Books help?

Use appropriate level content to accelerate literacy and confidence

  • A comprehensive choice of fiction for students to borrow to encourage and extend their independent reading.
  • Online access to the school library, inlcluding hundreds of free classics for students to read at home.
  • 7 and 30 day rentals make it affordable for schools to offer a wide range of ebooks across subjects, topics or themes.
  • Use the teacher tools to create worksheets and quizzes on top of the books, making it easy for you to assess progress.

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