Flipped learning

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What’s the issue?

Many schools are trying this new teaching technique - but do they have the right resources to support it?

  • Students learn the content at home as independent learners. 
  • Lesson time is used to answer questions, discuss, debate, do experiments and check understanding of the topics in class.
  • Students need access to suitable content at home which is convenient, affordable, effective, appropriate and accurate.

How can RM Books help?

RM Books is a cloud service that works on any internet enabled device

  • By using RM Books' groups teachers are able to assign topic and subject books at the right ability level to groups of students.
  • Inexpensive 7 and 30-day rentals provide a range of material for all subjects and topics. 
  • By providing a wide range of literature, subject and topic based ebooks in your RM Books library for students to borrow.
  • Schools can choose to devolve budgets to individual teaching staff. 
  • Students can download or view their textbooks at school, home or elsewhere.

Just some of our topic ebooks and textbooks.

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