Group reading

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What’s the issue?

Can all pupils be engaged in group reading?

  • One in five children fail to achieve the expected level at Key Stage 2. 
  • Ofsted look for successful implementation of effective whole school literacy policies. 
  • Schools must immerse children in a rich reading environment, exploring a wide range of quality texts to support both word recognition, comprehension and vocabulary development.
  • It is difficult for the whole class to be engaged in group reading activities even with a big book. 
  • Primary pupil numbers are set to increase by 18% in the next eight years making storage space a premium.

*Sources - National Literacy Trust 2012

How can RM Books help?

More accessible and comfortable story time

  • By providing a wide range of engaging books to be shared by the class using a whiteboard. 
  • 7-day rentals make it affordable for schools to vary titles and genre keeping it interesting for the teachers as well as pupils.
  • Convenient, simple to manage and frees up space of physical big books.

Picture ebooks perfect for whiteboard use.

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