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What’s the issue?

Research consistently shows boys’ reading lags behind girls

  • 76% of UK schools are concerned about boys' underachievement in reading. 
  • 80% of boys reached the expected level in reading at the age of 11 compared with 88% of girls. 
  • Gap widens further in secondary school, 59% of boys achieved an A* to C in English GCSE compared with 73% of girls.
  • Boys' attitudes towards reading are poorer than girls. 
  • 52% of 15-year-old boys read for enjoyment, compared with 73% of girls.

How can RM Books help?

Make reading more enjoyable and 'cool' for boys

  • Studies undertaken and feedback from our customers show that reading on technology increases engagement among boys.
  • A range of ebooks on topics appealing to boys is available. 
  • Use RM Books' groups to easily allocate different ebooks by gender, reading age, prior literacy level, etc. 
  • 7 and 30-day rentals make it affordable for schools to offer a wider choice of ebooks.

Just some of our reluctant reader ebooks

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