Add value to books using Book Note annotations

The Senior Leadership Team at Shireland Collegiate Academy were looking for a tool that could support their vision to flip the classroom. Flipped Learning is a pre-learning methodology designed to make the most of teaching time, enabling students learn the subject at home and debate it in the classroom.

It gives you challenges to do which makes you think more about the book
Student, Shireland Collegiate Academy

On discovering the annotation tools available in RM Books, Shireland Collegiate Academy had found a soltuion that supported this method of teaching. Students are allocated books to read at home, along with a set of annotations such as videos, audio, images and hyperlinks added to the book by the teacher. Students complete the quizzes within the books which are self-marked and presented back to the teacher, ready for their next lesson. This invaluable data provides the teacher with information to frame their lesson - which topics should they spend more time on, which students need more help.

Using the new annotations, the academy found:

  • 87% of students preferred reading a book online
  • 95% of students enjoyed taking quizzes
  • 95% of students thought adding annotation made reading a better experience


When asked about their favourite annotations, students at Shireland Collegiate Academy show a preference for watching video.

RM Books provides each student with a way of independent learning, which is very beneficial for the individual and for whole class learning
Daniel Hanbury, Teacher, Shireland Collegiate Academy

Book Notes in 4 easy steps

1) Investigate which books support the topic you are teaching

Use the search facility in RM Books to locate titles using topic and subject keywords and synonyms. There are a wide range of filters available to help you drill down and find titles that are going to be of most benefit to your students. You can also shortlist books using the wishlist.

When you have discovered the title you require, allocate the book to yourself or add the necessary number of copies to the school library.

2) Use the new annotation tools to add interactivity to an ebook

You can choose to add, Text, Weblinks, YouTube videos, Images, your own video, Audio, Attachments, Quizzes or Comments.

Once created your book notes are stored separately from the books, so even if the book rental period has expired you still have your book notes for next time. You can also push your book note annotations to individual or groups of students. Divide the book annotation task between teaching colleagues and share each other's annotated books.

3) Introduce your project to your students

If students are accessing books from the library, make sure you have allocated them the annotations via the Book Notes tab prior to introducing the project - these can be allocated to an individual or group of students.

When the students borrow the book they will have the option to accept your notes.

4) Use auto-marked quiz dashboard to personalise your next interaction

You can easily monitor which students are reading which books and for how long using the reporting section on RM Books.

After using the quiz facility to test the student's knowledge and understanding of the subject, the assessment reports show you the auto-marked results in an actionable dashboard.