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Raising Standards

Wednesday - Victoria Park Primary Academy

Find out how Victoria Park Academy uses RM Books across the whole school to encourage reading for pleasure, especially with reluctant readers. The academy supports topic based learning, and through the introduction of RM Books flipped learning has been a great success. They are even targeting their parents by introducing reading workshops and promoting the use of RM Books in the home, this is having a major impact. Physical books could be a thing of the past as they plan just to have an eLibrary and empower students further.

Thursday - Manchester Academy

Using RM Books, Manchester Academy has discovered that their students can now access content anywhere, any time – at home, at school, even on the bus. They have introduced RM Books to their white British FSM students, a struggling demographic as per national priorities. Come and find out how they are already seeing evidence of improving standards including one student who was 3 years behind his chronological reading age, he has now not only caught up but has passed this due to repeated reading through RM Books.

Friday - Shireland Collegiate Academy

Not only will Shireland Collegiate Academy be on the RM Stand on Friday but they will also be presenting in the BETT Learn Live series:

Chapter and Verse; using ebooks to engage and raise standards in reading
Theatre: Schools Learn Live Theatre 1
When: 11.30-12.30

How can ebooks be used to change the dynamics of reading in the classroom for the better and save money? Shireland Collegiate Academy have been using RM Books since March 2013 in a multitude of different ways to raise standards. From using them to with a class to support a topic and tracking levels of engagement to using it as part of a Family Literacy Project and with trainee teachers through the School Direct programme, Shireland has seen RM Books have a great impact in a relatively short period of use. Read more

Visit their session or come and see them on the RM Stand.

Exciting Content

Wednesday - Helena Pielichaty – HarperCollins Publishing
Helena began her career as a teacher and did not start writing until she was 32. Since then, Helena has written many books and will be joining us on the stand to talk about her latest book “Here Come the Girls”.

An incredible 29 million women and girls play football across the globe. But it wasn’t always this way…Helena, traces the development of women’s football from its ban by the FA in 1921 to its current status as the UK’s number one team participation sport for women and girls.

Thursday - Tim Collins – Michael O’Mara Publishing
Tim has published over thirty books that have been translated into more than twenty languages.
He is the author of Cosmic Colin, Monstrous Maud, Dorkius Maximus and the Wimpy Vampire series, and has won the Manchester Fiction City Award and the Lincolnshire Book Award. Come and hear snippets from his new series releasing in March.

Friday - Barbara Catchpole – Ransom Publishing
Barbara Catchpole was a teacher for over thirty years. She taught English, Special Needs and still spends a lot of time working in schools. Her main interest is in writing books for young people that are set in the real world and presenting characters that could be real teenagers.

Barbara is the author of the hugely successful P.I.G series for reluctant readers, following the adventures of Peter Ian Green (Pig). Pig is 12 and is small for his age. He has sticky-out ears and bright red hair which is also sticky up. Visit Barbara on the RM Stand to discover what Pig is up to next in his brand new adventures.

Social Reading

This is a new and exciting look to the future of reading and the future is not far away. Visit us to see a sneak preview of our new look online viewer launching later this year, making this vision a reality.

Join us at BETT between 22nd and 25th January 2014 at stand C240, C250 to find out more.